Reisenthel in time.

    Reisenthel is quality at good prices. Regovs has more than 450 items in the brand Reisenthel, designed and developed over more than 40 years. In Reisenthel you find products such as Toilet Bags, Laundry Baskets, Bags, Travel Bags, Shopping baskets, wardrobe and more. This is where you can purchase your new original Reisenthel basket - picnic basket. Travel Bags in leather / calf leather from Montana and Treats are smart, durable and practical to take along on your trip. You'll also find easy delicious Reisenthel travel bag, there are really many sizes and designs in the category of travel bags. Raincover from Reisenthel is super chic and come in many designs, the good rain cover is made of one-size and with buttons under arms. Raincover by Regovs are among bestsellers.

    Leather and jewelry.

    Smart lady belts, mens belts cowhide is a specialty at Regovs we make leather belts made to measure so they will fit exactly. There are many different belt designs with various types of belt buckles, you can buy a good belt for work, recreation and celebration. Bags, Leather bags in leather bags in nylon, ladies bags, mens bags and shopping bags are still one of the great articles by Regovs. Are you looking for a good quality bag in calfskin find it easy here. Regovs have a nice selection of beautiful stylish quality jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and earrings from Danish Jewellery Art. Buy also pretty high quality jewelry with many rooms. The large jewelry box is a travel shrine and many smart details.

    Many wallets and cases. 

    Leather Purses, Ladies purses, mens wallets, leather wallets and purses, yes, dear child has many names. By Regovs you'll find more than 200 different wallets brands Montana, treats, The Monte Le salle, Paul Chriz, most are made of calfskin, but you can also find a good purse or card holder in aluminum from Secrid or Tru Virtu. A good pencil case is also easy to find on Regovs we have many types of pencil cases in both leather and nylon. In pencil cases, we recommend that you buy a good Boxer pencil. Going on tour or traveling Regovs has also the right accessories, a belt bag, moneycat, belt wallet and money belt is good to have so you can keep track of travel documents, phone and camera.